Network Steward Candidacy

The PKT Network Steward was created as a way for the PKT project to fund development of projects related to or in the spirit of the PKT project. You can read more about this on the PKT Cash website and the blog series about the new election system. Current candidates and votes are monitored in the Packetscan explorer.

Besides our mining operation, has continuously invested in developing, hosting and supporting various applications and services for users of the PKT blockchain, including one of the most popular wallets and blockchain explorer. While a lot of the work has been funded by profits from the mining operation, increased competition makes it difficult to continue this work at the rate we would like to and which the community may have come to expect from us. To continue supporting the PKT community we apply for Network Steward Candidacy to fund several of our projects. Since the Network Steward election happens weekly, we have set out milestones for each week of funding we receive. Note that we do not need several weeks of consecutive funding, since each of these projects will require time to deliver. We will start working on each of the projects as soon as possible after the funding for each project is received.

Week 1 (1.6M PKT) - funded

For the new Network Steward model with weekly elections to succeed, it is important that as many people as possible will be enabled to vote with ease. As such we will release a major update to the Wallet to allow everyone to cast their vote via an easy to use interface directly in their wallet. Thanks to a generous donation from one of the community members we have been able to cover part of the expenses like code signing certificates and developer subscriptions. However, supporting many different operating systems is not an easy feat. The first week of funding will be used to make sure we provide a qualitative product including mobile apps and user support. Specifically the work will include:

  • Addition of voting functionality to the fast wallet backend
  • Addition of voting functionality to the user interfaces for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android
  • Release of iOS version of the Wallet (provided this is accepted by the app store)
  • Quality assurance (updates) and user support

Current status: the project was funded and is mostly completed. The voting support has been added to the desktop wallets (Mac OS and Linux users may need to manually update the CLI pktwallet) and Android wallet. The iOS wallet is functional but pending acceptance by Apple in the App Store on policy issues.

Week 2 (1.4M PKT)

A blockchain project relies heavily on public blockchain nodes and related services, including DNS seeds, explorers and specialized servers to support lightweight wallets, including the Electrum and (in quick sync mode) wallets. While several community members have provided a variety of such services in the past, with the growing demand for hardware resources and a shift in the community, many of those critical services have been lost. One week of NS funding will allow our team to host and support the services needed for blockchain transparency and wallet functionality for at least a year, possibly more.

  • Hosting of at least one high performance public blockchain node (pktd)
  • Hosting of an ElectrumX server to support lightweight wallets
  • Hosting of an Explorer backend and original explorer frontend
  • Hosting of a DNS seed node

Week 3 (1.4M PKT)

The main purpose of the Wallet was to deliver an easy to use wallet, quickly. With the introduction of the built-in wallet backend some significant improvements in synchronization speed, stability and platform support were made, but there's still room for improvement. We would like to use this round of funding to further secure and speed up the wallet backend by improving the blockchain validation to the level of other wallet backends and creating a new multi-protocol multi-peer synchronization algorithm to combine the best features of Electrum, Bitcoin P2P and HTTP.

Week 4 (1.4M PKT)

A coin that can be mined, publicly traded and used for private payments is fun, but the ability to easily accept PKT payments on a webshop or in online services makes the coin much more useful. We want to use this funding round to develop an open source payment processor which can easily be integrated into an existing PHP website or one of the open source webshop platforms. Based on this, we may also provide a hosted version of this payment processor which will allow merchants to accept PKT payments directly to their own wallet for easy integration into other (web) applications.

More projects we'd like to work on

We have some more ideas for projects we would like to work on. We will work out the details for these projects as other projects are funded.

  • A platform to simplify funding of smaller PKT related projects based on the existing voting system and integrated with other network steward related projects
  • A PKT faucet to reward (new) community members for their participation in the community

What happens next?

When we run out of ideas, have no time to take on new projects or do not receive enough votes to become the Network Steward, we will delegate our votes to another project we think serves the community or otherwise return the funds to the Network Steward.

Vote for us!

If you want to support our work, please consider voting for as Network Steward. You can cast your vote for our well known pool wallet address: pkt1qsmd3lqt8fasvddjncjfvkhejwrqdj300nmkshd

You can vote using the latest version of the wallet via the Wallet > Set NS vote menu. If you are not using the latest version of the wallet, you can cast your vote using the PKT Voter application using the private key retrieved from your or Electrum wallet by right-clicking the address holding your funds. A quick instruction video is available on Twitter.

Other candidates